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LED Lighting Upgrade Project

Classroom Led

As one of many “green” initiatives, Aurora Waldorf School developed a plan to replace outdated lighting with new energy-efficient LED bulbs and fixtures. Over the April 2022 school vacation, the Math/Science/Technology classroom received a facelift with new LED lighting fixtures. This room shows faculty, staff, and parents what the new fixtures look like and the brightness level of these new lights. The faculty will provide input on the brightness and tone of the lights ordered for their classrooms and the hallways.

NYSEG funds a portion of the cost of the bulbs and fixtures in the form of rebates, and these replacements will also save the school money in future electricity costs. These upgrades will reduce operational costs and enhance the reliability, safety, comfort, and appearance of AWS for years to come.

The entire project's net cost (after rebates) is about $25,000. We will phase in the lighting replacements as funds allow. The open paddle at the 2022 auction raised $9,500.

Interested in helping to fund this project? Donate online ( or send a check to AWS indicating that it’s for the LED Lights.