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Educational Support

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Throughout the regular program of Main Lesson and Subject classes, all students benefit from an education rich in developmentally appropriate movement, music and art, literacy and numeracy foundations, and health-strengthening rhythms. For those who need more support, the Educational Support Team (EST) provides an intermediate level of intervention.

The EST consists of Aurora Waldorf School teachers who directly provide extra academic or developmental support to students. While the EST curriculum aims to identify and meet every student’s needs, it does not possess the capacity to fully remediate learning disabilities.

With written parental permission, EST members and the faculty work together to best allocate the available resources. For needs that go beyond the scope of support that AWS can provide, the EST maintains a list of providers for resources consistent with our understanding of child development. Additionally, the EST helps support the advocacy of any parent and/or teacher who wishes to have a student go through the district referral/evaluation process to pursue an Individualized Education Services Program (IESP). For transfer students who have been accepted to AWS and already have an IEP or IESP, the Educational Support Team facilitates this transition so that every teacher has the necessary information to support these new students.