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About AWS

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Aurora Waldorf School Mission Statement

“Providing a place where children love to learn, educating children for all aspects of life, and fostering capacities within to become successful, self-assured adults who contribute to a better world.”

AWS Diversity Statement

Aurora Waldorf School (AWS) is actively engaged in creating and supporting a learning environment that reflects the rich cultural diversity of our world while offering a curriculum that serves the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth and development of our students. AWS actively encourages and supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in all areas of our community life.

For more information on Aurora Waldorf School’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives, click HERE

Every day at Aurora Waldorf School, we inspire children to love learning for its own sake, thereby giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. With expertise, dedication, and warmth, our teachers provide a rigorous education that fully integrates the fine and practical arts with the sciences, mathematics, humanities, movement, and athletics. They do so with joy, which our students absorb and express daily.

Why Aurora Waldorf?

From Early Childhood through Grades 1 - 8, the Waldorf curriculum meets each child with what they need most. In Pre-K and Kindergarten, that means consistency, warmth, meaningful work, time in nature, and imaginative play. This lays the groundwork for the Grades, where the arts, stories, academics, and practical activities build a rich curriculum of language arts, math, sciences, history, and geography. Creative Development classes such as handwork, music, gym, world language, eurythmy, and woodwork allow each child to succeed and grow to their full potential.

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The surrounding fields, woods, streams, playgrounds, and gardens make up our largest classrooms, which host our students of all ages, in all weather, for daily play and outdoor learning. Indoors, spacious, light-filled classrooms become a home away from home. A full gym with gymnastics equipment and a climbing wall promotes active learning opportunities inside. Elementary school games evolve into middle school sports, including soccer, basketball, and track.

This progression of supported development prepares young men and women to take their place in the world with confidence and a clear sense of their own worth. Our graduates are capable, creative, interested (and interesting!) human beings.

It takes more than healthy students to have a healthy school. We are equally committed to supporting all community members – including parents, faculty, and staff – in their own development. Our frequent community events – including festivals, conferences, workshops, and volunteer opportunities – invite us to engage with one another as we all unfold on this journey through life together.