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Our Campus

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At Aurora Waldorf School, we believe unstructured outdoor play is essential for a healthy childhood.

Thankfully, our beautiful 13-acre campus of woods, fields, and creek is our biggest classroom. This lush space offers our students a place for daily play - in all weather - for hikes, sledding, open play, games, and fun! These experiences allow the child to develop their senses, foster social skills and imagination and strengthen and develop their bodies.

We have plenty of wooded areas where children can climb, build with fallen branches, and see various animals living in and around the campus. Our play areas also include age-appropriate play structures that help with movement, balance, and cooperation with others.

Additionally, our campus lends itself to activities that nurture a healthy connection to

the natural world. Reverence and respect for the well-being of the earth are instilled in our students.

We are grateful for our expansive, natural campus and spacious, sunny classrooms. We invite you to come for a tour and see how Aurora Waldorf School will spark joy in your children. Book Your Tour Today!

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