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Relationship-Based Education

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"Sending my daughter to Aurora Waldorf School woke up her senses again. When I read the first report card, I cried because I didn’t know there was another human being who could know my daughter the way I knew her."

~ Annlouise Cirelli, alumni parent

Here at Aurora Waldorf School, there is one focal point at the center of your child’s education: your child.

Relationship-Based Education

Every morning, the teachers at Aurora Waldorf School greet each individual student. By taking the time to meet the student’s gaze and exchange salutations, the teacher truly sees the child in that moment. It is wonderful to make that personal connection with each student every single morning, for so much can be learned during this brief connection. Are his eyes bright or sleepy or shy? Does she have something to share that cannot wait?

Many teachers in our contemporary educational system do not take advantage of this small privilege, to be very conscious of who exactly is standing before them and what he or she might be bringing to the learning experience that day. This level of connection is something that students rarely receive in or out of school in this busy, demanding, and distracted society in which we live. This pause and greeting can be a precious gift to both teacher and student, and it represents what we do every day at Aurora Waldorf School: we see the children in front of us with new eyes, and then we work to bring to them exactly what they need.

Deep relationships develop between our teachers and students (as well as their parents) as class and subject teachers often loop with a class for multiple years. Through the gift of relationship, a genuine understanding grows and each child is truly seen.