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By making a contribution to the Aurora Waldorf School Annual Fund, you are supporting the vital resources necessary to give our students a meaningful and rewarding Waldorf education. Your donation supports the AWS operating budget and enables our school to recruit and retain talented, dedicated teachers, support a rich Waldorf curriculum, provide tuition assistance, and maintain and enhance our campus.

A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. Each donation is fully tax-deductible and remains within our school and benefits our students. Gifts are accepted throughout the year.

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October 1, 2021

Dear AWS Community,

On September 4, 2021, Aurora Waldorf School celebrated the 30th Anniversary of its opening. As the recently elected President of the Board of Trustees, and a grateful parent of one of the school’s early graduates, I’d like to share a few of my thoughts.

When my daughter enrolled as a 3rd grader in 1996 and went on creek walks, played recorder, learned German, participated in Main Lessons, and enjoyed seasonal festivals, we all became members of the AWS family. Since graduating from AWS, she has attended the best schools in the city and state, traveled worldwide, earned a law degree, and began a career supporting improved public housing in Buffalo. More importantly, she has deepened her love of people, all people, nature, and the creative arts that were formative elements of her Waldorf experience. Aurora Waldorf School’s hallmarks are the constancy of values and the ability to transmit lessons of personal responsibility, physical well-being, academic excellence, and environmental awareness.

Rudolf Steiner established the first Waldorf school in the environment of a post-pandemic world rife with political divisiveness and social disruption. Aurora Waldorf School has weathered the storm of our current global pandemic and social turbulence with true grit and grace. With sincere gratitude to our excellent teachers and staff, we are confident that Aurora Waldorf School offers a safe and stable platform for children to grow and learn.

Aurora Waldorf School is poised to grow and strengthen. We are excited for the growth of our school and our growing community of new partners. We have developed a Strategic Plan that rests on three Pillars of Commitment. Our focus on Enrollment and Retention is a focus on students and parents as well as financial sustainability. Our attention to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion encompasses our entire community. Our commitment to Environmental and Green Initiatives is a promise to an environmentally-sensitive curriculum and campus. It is vital that we educate current and future generations with the knowledge and sensibilities to heal our society and planet.

I hope you will join me in giving generously to the AWS Annual Fund. Your gift to the Annual Fund will provide the resources necessary to support these efforts, help sustain the school through these unprecedented times, and provide an opportunity for others to become “Waldorf families.”


Terrence Robinson
AWS Board President

P.S. We are filled with gratitude to announce that, in honor of our 30th anniversary, we are beginning our Annual Fund campaign with matching pledges for the first $3,030 donated to the AWS Annual Fund. Donate now and double your impact