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By making a contribution to the Aurora Waldorf School Annual Fund, you are supporting the vital resources necessary to give our students a meaningful and rewarding Waldorf education. Your donation supports the AWS operating budget and enables our school to recruit and retain talented, dedicated teachers, support a rich Waldorf curriculum, provide tuition assistance, and maintain and enhance our campus.

A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. Each donation is fully tax-deductible and remains within our school and benefits our students. Gifts are accepted throughout the year.

Consider the benefits of our Automatic Giving program where your donation is automatically charged on a recurring basis (e.g. yearly, monthly, weekly) to your credit card or deducted from your checking or savings account (EFT).

November 2020

Dear Family and Friends of Aurora Waldorf School,

It’s so hard to stay still, isn’t it?

I don’t need to tell you how precious the summer months are to us here in Western New York. Our long winters mean we make the most of any warm weather, packing our days with travel or group sports or simply spending time with the people who love us.

The loss of those experiences can make it feel like time has stood still since March. But if you have young people in your life, you know that time never stands still. They will grow and learn this year just like any other. They deserve an education that recognizes what it means to meet them in this moment.

I was originally going to open this letter by saying 2020 is a year none of us could’ve prepared for. Then I went back and reread the letter I wrote last fall. It opened like this:

Preparing people for the future is a challenging task. [...] It starts by accepting that we can’t possibly know what the future holds for [our students]. It’s not enough to want children to succeed in the adult world. We must recognize that they will be the ones to shape and lead it. We’re preparing them not simply to make it in the future, but to actually make the future.

Right now we are all in a moment that is making the future. The 2020-2021 school year will not look like the year that came before, and neither will the year that comes after this one. We have prepared for this future as best we can.

We continue to prepare for it, every day, by bringing our classrooms outside in all kinds of weather, by building movement and screenless activities into our remote learning modules, by recreating communal events in virtual spaces. To learn more about how we are adapting ourselves to respond to this moment, read our recent front-page feature in The Buffalo News and article in the East Aurora Advertiser.

This year our students will learn, as we all are learning, the roles we have to play as members of a community and of a society. We are all reimagining what it means to care for ourselves and one another. Sometimes it means we see each other less often, or less closely, or perhaps only through a screen. Sometimes it means learning to stay still.

We have had to cap our enrollment to preserve safe and healthy classroom sizes and increase our tuition assistance for families experiencing financial uncertainty. This means we are receiving only $7,257.22 per student from tuition. Educating one of our students costs, on average over $12,000, plus the priceless resources that are our faculty and staff’s time and energy. We are still bringing the same education with the same values to our students, but we have had to rethink every aspect of how we are bringing it to them. We have reached an unprecedented level of “doing more with less,” and, as ever, we are relying on donations from people like you to help us make up the gap.

I hope you will join me in giving generously to the AWS Annual Fund. If you have already given, thank you! If this letter has you feeling inspired to give again, please know that it’s never too soon. Though we cannot be together as a community in the ways we’re used to, this is one action we’re able to take from a distance. It will make all the difference.


Brooke McAdam
AWS Class of 2001
President, Board of Trustees