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Choosing a School

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"Waldorf education is a life-changing force that can shape and change students to be the best possible version of themselves."~ Meghan Gomez, AWS teacher

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family makes in shaping a child’s life. We are here to assist you in any way we can, from individualized guided tours and Q&A sessions to our accessible tuition model.

How can your child benefit from a Waldorf education? What would their school days look like at AWS? The virtual tour below may help you begin to answer these questions. You can also get your specific questions answered directly, or schedule a guided virtual tour, by contacting Vicky Lucca, Admissions Coordinator at (716) 655-2029 x104 or

We believe the proof of any education is found not only in the classroom itself but in the human beings it produces. Our graduates:

  • Are sought-after honor students who exceed state standards.
  • Are prepared for a changing world with life skills including self-discipline, mastery of independent and critical thinking, creativity, and reverence and wonder for the world's beauty.
  • Love learning for its own sake, not just to do well on a test.
  • Have been allowed to grow into their strengths at their own pace.

We highly recommend a visit to see our school in full swing. When our campus is open, we host Waldorf Wednesday tours every week and Open Houses throughout the year. We are also happy to take you on an individual tour.

To request more information, please fill out our inquiry form.

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"I believe that Waldorf education possesses unique educational features that have considerable potential for improving ... education in America. Waldorf schools provide a program that not only fosters conventional forms of academic achievement but also puts a premium on the development of imagination and the refinement of the sensibilities."

– Elliot Eisner, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Art, Stanford University; Past President, American Educational Research Association; Author, Curriculum and Cognition: Educating Artistic Vision