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Welcome, Alumni! By virtue of your years spent at AWS, you have become part of our extended family, a community that continues to grow with each graduating class. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you remain an integral part of the Aurora Waldorf family! Let’s stay connected.

Here are five ways you can be involved:

  • Share your News: Email us! Where are you now? What have you done since you left AWS? What are you passionate about? Share fond memories and stories of Aurora Waldorf.
  • Follow us on social media: We regularly post on Facebook and Instagram about what is currently happening at AWS.
  • Visit us: Attend Winter Faire, Graduation, May Day, plays, concerts or athletic events. See our calendar to help plan your visit.
  • Volunteer: School Store, Winter Faire…regularly or once a year, we really appreciate your help! Contact us to schedule.
  • Become a Class Representative: Help connect us to your classmates. Notify us if you are interested.

Watch our latest AWS Alum Panel:

  • Learn about the experiences of our Alum by watching our 2023 Alum Panel, which includes insights from a current high school student, a current college student, and a working professional who all graduated from Aurora Waldorf School. Watch the panel on our YouTube HERE.

Join Waldorf Alum Connect:

a professional networking platform specifically for Waldorf Alumni

Sign up today to connect with others from around the world!