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Waldorf Philosophy

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Children In Trees

At Aurora Waldorf School, we believe:

  • Childhood is to be honored and preserved
  • Learning is not to be rushed
  • School can be a joyful place
  • Every child deserves to be outside every day
  • The arts are essential to our humanity
  • Excellence is possible for every child
  • Education is more than just the exchange of facts and information

Our school values put the Waldorf philosophy into practice!

  • Relationship-Based Education: We create a network of deep, lasting relationships that build confidence and self-sufficiency.
  • Appreciation for the Natural World: We extend the classroom into the outdoors, translating joy-filled learning into wonder and appreciation for the natural world.
  • Learning to Change the World: We strive to cultivate in our students a life-long love of learning and the capacities to selflessly contribute to a better world.
  • Learning in Community: We educate the entire family, adults consciously leading children and each other, to realize their full potential and become their best selves.

The Waldorf approach is developmentally appropriate and time-tested. Waldorf education is changing the world every day and has been preparing children around the globe to meet the future for over 100 years.

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