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Getting to our beautiful campus is easier than you think! Scroll down to learn about coordinating free transportation via your local school district, or taking advantage of our free bus to and from the City of Buffalo.

Our remote campus full of nature’s wonder is the envy of every person who has ever visited, including countless educators from other Waldorf schools. The enrichment it brings our students is impossible to match in any classroom. While we wouldn’t trade our location for anything, we recognize that traveling to us does pose a challenge for some families. Luckily, free daily transportation is available for most of our students.

Local School District Busses

If you live within a 15-mile drive of Aurora Waldorf School, your school district is mandated by New York State law to provide transportation for school-aged children (usually starting at 4 or 5 years old; it varies by district). Registration forms can be found on our School Forms Page. Please note, registration deadlines can vary between districts.

City Bus

For families in the City of Buffalo and Northtowns, we are pleased to provide a free bus to and from Buffalo. The bus runs every school day, and picks up and drops off students at a convenient Buffalo location. Click here for more information