Our Programs

Here at Aurora Waldorf School, there is only one focal point at the center of your child’s education: your child.

Early Childhood

When parents walk into one of our Early Childhood classrooms for the first time, they often remark that it feels “the way Kindergarten ought to feel.” There is a palpable sense of calm, beauty, and warmth. Often the aroma of baking bread fills the air, and the children are busily engaged in active play. Toys are simple and natural; the whole room feels at once alive and serene.

Grades 1-8

The Grades program at Aurora Waldorf School invites children on a journey, both into the world beyond their classrooms and also into their own sense of self. Our students graduate with a healthy curiosity about the world and a fuller understanding of themselves as whole human beings.

Lunch Program

As part of the mission of Aurora Waldorf School, we recognize the importance of nourishing not only our student’s minds but also their growing bodies, while building a communal meal experience. With our internationally recognized and award-winning school lunch program, we do just that every day. Our menus are filled with whole, healthful, unprocessed ingredients, with an emphasis on local and organic sources. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are always available.

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