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Blog: The Light of Aurora

Why are Parents Choosing Waldorf Education?

00:00 AM - May 19, 2021

Why are Parents Choosing Waldorf Education?

Students enjoy lessons outdoors at AWS!

Why are parents choosing Waldorf education today? When asked why they choose Aurora Waldorf School, this is what some parents have to say:

Planting and harvesting from the school garden offer our students so many collaborative learning opportunities. -*pre-pandemic photo

“A rock-solid education at Aurora Waldorf School is a gift I'll never regret having given. Through unique training and specialized skills, the teachers offer a range of learning content-rich in academic specificity, arts, and athletics. This is not a school where you get more and more of what you're "good at"-- my daughters are challenged to develop in ways that they might not choose otherwise; this is whole-child education. They spend so much purposeful time outdoors-- no other schools develop students in this way. During Main Lesson Blocks, my girls have conducted in-depth studies on topics as diverse as Ancient Persia and as canonized as Alcott's "Little Women."

I often get questions related to Waldorf reading acquisition and Waldorf math skills. My eldest daughter has never used a calculator and demonstrates skill and confidence when approaching complex mathematical processes. As for reading, my sixth grader's reading was taught according to the most modern research standards--given the time it needed, so it is she who is eager to pick up the books and read them from cover to cover. Her comprehension and recall, which began in the early childhood classroom, are stellar.

At Aurora Waldorf, my daughters enjoy every single day of school. There isn't a day they don't want to go to school.”

Dana Kemp

Mother of a 2020 AWS alumna and Sixth Grader

Regular hikes to the creek offer AWS students time to explore nature throughout the seasons.

“Starting our oldest child [at Aurora Waldorf School] in 2019 and our middle child in 2020 has been the best choice we’ve made for our children in regards to their education. Every day our children come home happy from school and every morning are excited to go to school. AWS teachers are a fundamental part of our children’s lives, helping them to grow through every stage of development. They teach Main Lesson [block studies] over a month and allow the children to master subject areas slowly, instead of flooding them with many subjects and multiple ideas at once. Every subject they teach is incorporated together from main lesson to handwork, music and even gym. They give them an appreciation for nature, kindness, and respect for others. The school has instilled the joy of learning and curiosity for life, and that’s priceless.”

Faye Turner

Mother of a First and Third Grader at AWS

"My daughter is in her fourth year at Aurora Waldorf, starting first grade next year, and the program has been fantastic for her and the family as a whole. The school, the teachers, and the staff all work together not just to teach the children, but to form a community which fosters growth and improvement. They help the students learn, as any school should, but also to become mindful members of society. This education extends out from the classroom and into the homes. I feel our time at the school has helped improve our family in a hundred small ways. We are also grateful for the attention to nature and their observational approach to learning what the world shows us and for getting her outside to run around and explore!"

James Dotson

Father of a Kindergartener at AWS

Traditionally our 5th Graders teach our 1st Graders how to knit! In a community we share our knowledge and gifts with one another. *pre-pandemic photo

“I have chosen Aurora Waldorf School for my children because it provides a holistic approach to learning. My children receive a well-rounded education in a warm and nurturing environment that is focused on more than just academics.

My children get individualized attention, and great attention is paid to teaching teamwork and collaboration, as well as taking into account my child’s unique social and emotional learning style. My children are learning through experiences, not facts. And the curriculum is unified throughout each school year and within all subjects. I am proud that my children are learning in an environment that strives to promote diversity. But, most of all, I love that my children’s education involves spending lots of time outdoors! Whether through movement classes, games, hiking through the woods, nature studies or recess, my children gain valuable life skills and academic learning through the outdoor environment. My children come home from school each afternoon happy and excited, and they want to share what they have learned and experienced. What more could a parent ask for!”

Libby Kershner

Mother of a Kindergartener and Third Grader at AWS

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