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Remote Learning

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Interconnected Learning

One of our primary goals during Remote Learning is to stay connected, thus we call any periods of remote learning Interconnected Learning. During Interconnected Learning, our teachers’ aim to minimize screen time for students while focusing on meaningful, hands-on learning experiences easily completed at home.

Early Childhood (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

The teachers will prepare craft and activity kits to send home during Interconnected Learning periods to support school activities during the Interconnected Learning time.

In this learning model, teachers record songs, movement activities, and stories. These audio and video offerings will be posted for families to access at their convenience. During an Interconnected Learning period, Early Childhood families can expect support for the social-emotional health of families and children through regular contact with teachers and a full array of curriculum ideas for multiple learning styles that provide rich sensory experiences, including:

  • A Weekly Curriculum Overview with crafts, stories, songs, movement activities, and resources for parents
  • A live, virtual class for students, once a week for each class for 20-30 minutes
  • A live, virtual “Tea Time” for 5-day students and their parents, once a week for 20-30 minutes
  • When appropriate and when requested by the family, a phone or video chat with the teachers.
  • Individual family support from the whole program (including class teachers, assistants, and subject teachers) as families need and want during any Interconnected Learning period.

Grades Classes

In this learning model, teachers prepare sets of individual supplies, including crayons, pencils, Main Lesson pages, books, and other necessary materials for project-based lessons. In these packs, individual teachers will include instructional materials that meet the child's grade level needs. An overview of possibilities consists of the following:

  • Daily Morning Circle Time: live or pre-recorded, including a warm greeting, morning movement exercises, and seasonal recitations
  • Pre-recorded stories, songs, dances, and verses uploaded in audio or video format
  • Pre-recorded form drawing instructional videos along with math and language arts reviews of the previous day’s work
  • Curriculum-based project instructions delivered through online materials and instructional videos (live or pre-recorded)

In addition to the material uploads, live teaching of Main Lesson is held on Zoom for 30 - 60 minutes and will occur 2 - 4 times weekly (duration and frequency are dependent on grade level). Also, when appropriate, teachers may schedule small group instruction.

Teachers also have office hours to provide an opportunity for:

  • Student video conferencing via Zoom with the teacher for extra Main Lesson support
  • Parent-teacher communication
    • A scheduled phone call or Zoom meeting
    • Email
    • Postings in Beehively or Google classroom
  • Check-in time with individual students via a scheduled Zoom meeting or phone call