Since its inception, AWS has been supported by a regular, weekly anthroposophical study group on Monday evenings from 7:00 - 8:15 pm. We also periodically host a Foundation Studies class that provides the requisite background for those interested in pursuing Waldorf teaching. 

For information about either of these, please contact Jane Ried, (716) 655-2029 ext. 106.

A Scaffold for Waldorf Teaching
A new reading-intensive study cycle on the essentials of Waldorf teaching will begin June 2015 at AWS. The heart of the year-long course is a monthly presentation and a book discussion. The presentations aim to help connect the anthroposophic viewpoints and terminology in readings from Rudolf Steiner and others, with more modern and mainstream expressions. For personal and professional development, the course will also include many other voice, movement and artistic activities.

More than a dozen AWS teachers have participated in the two previous cycles of this course. It is open to current teachers (in any setting), Waldorf school staff, as well as potential teachers committed to following through with the material.

If you are interested in additional information, please contact Jeff Tunkey, the course organizer, by email or at (716) 655-2029.

Free Lectures
We also offer free lectures periodically on issues in education and child development. These lectures are open to the greater Western New York community.  
Waldorf Wednesday Tours
9am - 10am
Please call (716) 655-2029 for more information.
Winter Faire
Saturday, December 8th
Waldorf 100
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