Lunch Program

Session 1:  September 9 - November 22, 2016

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With an internationally recognized and award-winning lunch
program, Aurora Waldorf School provides a hot meal that
nourishes our children, supporting the mission of our school. Chef
Heather has been awarded the Kiwi Crusader Award for
excellence in school meals and has been named one of Chef
Jamie Oliver’s Heroes in his Food Revolution program.

We recognize the importance of nourishing not only our student’s
minds but also their growing bodies, while building a communal
meal experience.  Whole, healthful, unprocessed ingredients with
an emphasis on local and organic sources fill our menu. 
Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are always available.

Chef Heather balances meals that are appetizing to young palettes
while encouraging them to try new tastes and ingredients. While
she always asks that the students "try a bite" of what she has
prepared for the meal.

School lunch is served Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
beginning at 12 noon.

Many thanks to all of our parents, students, staff, and especially
our volunteer kitchen workers who have made our lunch program a
great success!
Jamie Oliver
Kiwi Crusaders
and reasons for choosing AWS.

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: Embarking on a Whole Foods Lunch Program
Kiwi Crusaders Excellence in School Meals Award Winner

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