We believe:
Aurora Waldorf - Mission And Philosophy
Childhood is to be honored and preserved
Learning is not to be rushed
School can be a joyful place
Every child deserves to be outside every day
The arts are essential to our humanity
Excellence is possible for every child
Education is more than just the exchange of facts and information.
Waldorf Education
Founded in Germany in the early 20th century, Waldorf Education is an independent and non-sectarian education based on the insights and teaching of the renowned scientist, educator, artist and philosopher, Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1865-1925). His worldview, which finds practical application in Waldorf education, not only fosters inner development and individual freedom, but also stresses social responsibility and respect for others.
“Days that they’re sick they say, ‘I think I can make it, I’m going to go.  And if I don’t feel well, can you pick me up?’   They just love to come to school.”  -- AWS Parent
Waldorf Wednesday Tours
9am - 10am
Please call (716) 655-2029 for more information.
Winter Faire
Saturday, December 8th
Waldorf 100
Act locally, affect globally:
Waldorf schools change the world.
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