Middle School Sports
Aurora Waldorf School believes that interscholastic athletic activities have an important place in the overall development of students, starting in grades seven and eight.  Because we encourage all parents of children in the lower grades to choose age-appropriate play, rather than team sports, the AWS Eagles are often a student's first experience with team sports.

Sports are an important arena for social and skill development and provide an opportunity for school pride. We believe that middle school athletics should be a participatory experience that stresses team work, sportsmanship, skill development and discipline; currently the Eagles compete against area private and public schools in soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track and field in the spring.

We strive to provide a quality athletic experience where players can expect to improve and excel. We expect dignified, focused, strong players who conduct themselves with pride and grace in competitive situations and represent the school well.

The goals of our Team Sports program are:
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to ensure that every student participates
to prepare every student to go out for the sports team(s) of his or her choice in high school; and
to foster age-appropriate, safe and healthy competition and sportsmanship.

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