Third Grade
As children turn nine, they begin to see the world differently.  No longer are they content to be a part of life without doubts and questions.  Before this time, children fundamentally experienced little separation between themselves and their environment.  As this new consciousness develops, they suddenly begin to realize that they are individuals.  Parents may notice their children becoming more critical and questioning everything.

To guide the child’s awakening to this “real” world, meet his or her need to be active, and build confidence, the curriculum provides opportunities for practical work and the study of farming, gardening, food preparation, house building, and clothing.  Experiences may include baking, maple syrup making and a weeklong visit to a working farm.  In addition to building their grade-appropriate academic skills, the students also learn about many different dwellings that people have built over the course of time and in different parts of the world, and build their own small house replicas in class.
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