Winter Conference 2018

Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands

Friday, January 19, 2018, 7pm-9pm
Keynote Address by Guest Lecturer Susan Stevenson
"Thinking, Feeling, and Willing - in Child Development and Self-development"

Saturday, January 20, 2018, 9am-12:30pm
9-10:30am Keynote Address part 2
11am-12:20pm Workshops

All our welcome to attend this free event! Advanced registration is strongly recommended. Walk-ins welcome as space allows.

To register: sign-up in the lobby, call 655-2029 or email

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Workshops (choose one):
Experience Eurythmy: Eurythmy, an artistic form of movement created by Rudolf Steiner, is a subject unique to Waldorf education. Experience how this part of our movement program supports the curriculum from Nursery to 8th Grade. Led by Maria Ebersole, AWS Eurythmy Teacher.
Bread Baking and the Family Table: Experience the kneading and shaping of a mini whole grain loaf while discussing the benefits of preparing food together and family mealtime. Led by Jaime Thompson & Janelle Anderson, AWS Kindergarten & Nursery Teachers.
Busy Bees: Childhood Chores and the Development of the Will: Make your own beeswax furniture polish while learning about age-appropriate chores and the importance of developing the will. Led by Barb Dolan & LauraLee Naughton, AWS Kindergarten & 4th Grade Teachers.
Painting and the Four Temperaments: Experience color in a new way and explore the differences in the four temperaments through Waldorf’s distinctive wet-on-wet painting method.
Led by Krystal Weston, AWS 2nd Grade Teacher.
Thinking, Feeling, and Willing - in Child Development and Self-development
Keynote Address
by Susan Stevenson

A primary idea in Waldorf education is the threefold nature of the human being. This is seen in body, soul, and spirit; in form as head, heart, and hands; and in the activities of the soul as thinking, feeling and willing. Learning to recognize and differentiate the qualities of these soul forces in oneself and in the children before us leads to deeper and richer experiences of the world.

Uniquely, Waldorf teachers learn to recognize that children are not mini-adults. Children must be supported in a way that allows the rightful unfolding of each of the soul forces, each in their appropriate time. This allows for a full blossoming of all the potential gifts inherent in each human being. For those of us not fortunate enough to have gone through a Waldorf education in our own childhood, we can take up a fuller flowering of these soul qualities through a course of self-development.
Susan Stevenson - Keynote Presenter

Susan Stevenson has been involved with Anthroposophy and Waldorf education for over 45 years. She first studied to become a class teacher at the Waldorf Teacher Training Institute of Detroit, later Sunbridge College, under the leadership of Werner Glas and Hans Gebert. From there, she went to the London School of Eurythmy under the leadership of Marguerite Lundgren.

Susan has taught eurythmy and therapeutic eurythmy, and taken two classes through grades 1 to 8, and an additional three classes for grades 7 and 8. She has taught in Waldorf Schools in Forest Row, England; Chicago, Illinois, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a total of 37 years. In addition, she has taught in Waldorf Schools in New Zealand and Australia as a visiting teacher. Since her retirement from full time teaching in 2015, she has taught guest blocks in California and North Carolina, and mentored and evaluated teachers in several schools. Most recently, she spent 7 weeks at the Sloka Waldorf School in Hyderabad, India, her second visit to this vibrant school.
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