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Early Childhood Program Overview
The Early Years at Aurora Waldorf School nurture and protect the wonder
of childhood. 
The Aurora Waldorf School Early Childhood Programs enhance the
potential of each child through wholesome activities, rich language and
artistic expression within a warm, homelike atmosphere.  Children are
guided through activities that enliven the imagination and strengthen their
bodies.  With a simple daily rhythm and the use of natural materials,
children gain a sense of security in an environment that is beautiful, true
and good.
Gross and fine motor skills, self-confidence and trust in the world are
developed through purposeful activities and the work of adult role models. 
The daily activities in our Waldorf Early Childhood programs are rich with:
- Storytelling, puppetry, singing, finger plays, poetry and games
- Watercolor painting, crayoning, beeswax modeling, wool and      
wood crafts
- Imaginative play and dramatization
- Domestic arts (cooking, baking, sewing, washing and cleaning)
- Nature walks and developmental movement
Based on the Waldorf philosophy of child development, which has
withstood the test of time, our program is designed to bring forth
children’s reverence and joy for living as well as a willingness to work. 
Children see their work in school as play, fostering wonder and
possibility, thus strengthening them from within in a lasting way and
building the foundation for academic success.    

Nursery Program
•  Children ages 3 to 4
•  Class size: 12 students
•  One Lead Teacher & Assistant Teacher (adult to child ratio 1-6)
•  Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30am-12:15pm

Kindergarten Program Overview
•  Children ages 3 and a half to 6
•  Class size: 16 students
•  One Lead Teacher & Assistant Teacher (adult to child ratio 1-8)
•  Monday - Friday, 8:30am-12:15pm

Full-Day Option: 8:30am-2:50pm
   Families can choose for their child to attend one or more full days,
   however days must be consistent from week to week. Advance
   registration is necessary.
Morning Rhythm (Schedule)
Creative free play
(indoor or outdoor depending on the season)
Activites may include:
Artistic work (painting/coloring), baking (bread/birthday cake),
handwork (seasonal projects), artistic work (painting/coloring) or
chopping fruits/vegetables.
Tidy classroom
Circle time
Bathroom and hand-washing
Snack may include:
Rice, oatmeal, whole grain bread, millet, corn bread with fruit
salad (fall and spring) or soup (winter).
Clear table, sweep and wash dishes
Rest time and story
Bathroom and hand-washing
Outdoor play and hike

Afternoon Rhythm for Full-Day students
Continued outdoor play
Bathroom and hand-washing
Clear table, sweep and wash dishes
Rest time with a story and lullabies
Outdoor play

Aurora Waldorf School
Parent-Toddler through Grade 8
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